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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Central provides employees with a generous package of benefits which allows employees to effectively cover various life events as well as help them build a sound personal financial future. The following describes the various benefit plans in the most general terms. Actual benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions found in the plan documents and their Summary Plan Descriptions.

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Medical Plan

PPO Plan

In-Network Benefits

Out-of-Network Benefits

The company pays 80% of the plan's cost for personal coverage and 50% of the plan's cost for dependent coverage.

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Dental Coverage

Eligible employees can enroll on their first day of employment. The plan is self-insured and benefits for covered dental expenses are payable as follows:

The company pays 80% of the plan's cost for personal coverage and 50% of the plan's cost for dependent coverage.

* Calendar year benefit maximum for all services other than orthodontics is $1,500.

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Vision Coverage

Coverage is provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP). Eligible employees can enroll for coverage to be effective on the first of the month following their employment date. Plan Benefits are allowed once each calendar year.

In-Network Benefits

Out-of-Network Benefits

The company pays 50% of the plan's cost for personal coverage and 25% of the plan's cost for dependent coverage.

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Flexible Spending Plan

Eligible employees can contribute up to $2,550 per year on a pre-tax basis for certain health, dental, and vision expenses not covered by a medical, dental, or vision plan. They also can contribute pre-tax dollars for child and adult dependent care. Contributions for medical, dental, vision, and life coverages (except voluntary life and dependent life) are also made on a pre-tax basis. FSA accounts are administered by Aetna (PayFlex).

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Life Insurance

Eligible employees have a life insurance amount equal to twice their annual salary subject to an upper limit maximum of $250,000 coverage. Employees can also elect $5,000 life insurance coverage for their spouse and $2,000 coverage for each dependent child. The company pays 85% of the cost for employee life insurance coverage. The employee pays the entire cost for the dependent life insurance coverage.

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Additional Voluntary Life Insurance

Eligible employees may elect amounts in $10,000 increments from a minimum of $20,000 to a maximum of $500,000, not to exceed 5 times basic annual earnings. Amounts in excess of $150,000 will require proof of good health. Up to 50% of the employee's personal coverage amount may be purchased for the spouse. Amounts above $50,000 for a spouse will require proof of good health. Dependent children are eligible to be covered for $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 each.

Employees pay the entire cost of the Additional Life coverage.

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Savings and Profit Participation Plan

Eligible employees can join on the first day of their 2nd month.

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Disability Income Programs

Short-Term Disability

Intermediate Disability

Long-Term Disability

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Vacation and Central Days

A new employee may earn some vacation during the first year depending on their employment date. Employees receive 2 weeks of vacation after one year of service, 3 weeks starting the 5th calendar year, 4 weeks starting the 15th calendar year, and 5 weeks after 24 years of service. Employees also receive a unique benefit - Central Days - which provides employees up to three days a year for personal time off.

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Flexible Work Options

Central provides options for employees to choose alternate arrangements to the traditional workday, workweek, and/or workplace.

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