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Renters and Rental Dwelling Insurance

Rent your home?

Renters need insurance coverage too. If fire damages the home or apartment you rent, the owner's insurance on the building doesn't cover your belongings. Talk to your Central agent today about our low-cost Renters Insurance Policy.

Looking for extra protection? The Central Mutual Summit® Tenant Policy is our premier renters policy. It offers the maximum protection at an affordable price.

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Own a rental dwelling?

If you own a dwelling that you rent to others, Central's Dwelling Insurance Policy is available for the structure and your contents. Also available is personal liability protection for you as a landlord, and medical payments to others which result from injury on the rental premises.

Additional coverages are available to protect your dwelling. Your Central agent can develop a policy designed to meet all your insurance needs.

For more information about Central's Renters and Rental Dwelling Insurance Policies or any of our other quality, affordable coverages, or for an insurance quote, please contact your independent Central insurance agent.

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