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Cold Weather and Freeze Alert
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Cold Weather and Freeze Alert

When damaging winter weather is forecasted for your area, follow the precautions below to help your company avoid property and equipment damage as well as a partial or total business shutdown.

Taking a few moments up front to safeguard your property and equipment can help you protect your business and equipment, avert costly shutdowns, and continue to serve your customers without interruption—saving you time, money and aggravation.

Many of the safeguards you'll need to protect your property hinge on preparing back-up power and heating sources. The attached checklists walk you through some simple—yet critical—cold weather loss prevention steps.

Keep Your Heating Systems Operating

Keep your building and equipment warm. Heating systems are the lifeline of your business during cold conditions. If they fail, disaster could strike. Immediate action required:

Safeguard Business Equipment During Power Outages

Voltage surge protection is necessary at all times – especially during cold, freezing conditions. Severe weather can cause power loss and downed wires, disrupting your business' power supply. When electricity is restored, the sudden surge of power can literally destroy the modern, high-tech equipment your business relies on. Immediate action required:

Protect Your Building and Ensure Accountability

The time is now—your business is facing extreme temperatures within 24 hours. Protect your building and prepare your people before cold weather and freezing temperatures arrive. Immediate action required:

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