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Preventing Employee Theft
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Preventing Employee Theft

Employee theft is considered one of the most serious crime affecting businesses with losses estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars. While most employees are trustworthy, there are employees who will steal if given the chance. The following is a list of the seven most common employee scams (courtesy of

While is it unlikely all employee theft can be eliminated entirely, control strategies can minimize the impact to the business. Businesses that are selective about who they employ, implement a zero tolerance policy, and that establish rules and procedures to detect employee theft usually have fewer instances of employee theft.

General Considerations

Procedural Controls

Brochure content taken from the "Employee Theft Prevention Checklist" courtesy of ISO Services, Inc. (unless otherwise noted).

The information contained in this publication was obtained from sources believed to be reliable. ISO Services, Inc., its companies and employees, as well as the Central Insurance Companies make no guarantee of results and assume no liability in connection with either the information herein contained or the safety suggestions herein made. Moreover, it cannot be assumed that every acceptable safety procedure is contained herein or that abnormal or unusual circumstances may not warrant or require further or additional procedure.

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