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Why You Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Your Home
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Why You Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Your Home

Imagine during one of the hottest weeks of the summer, your air conditioning system breaks down. A service contractor informs you the compressor experienced an internal mechanical breakdown and needs to be replaced, a $2,800 repair. This type of mechanical breakdown isn't covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Unfortunately, the cost of replacement will come directly out of your pocket.

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Now think about all the other items in your home that are subject to mechanical or electrical breakdown.

All of these investments are costly to purchase and just as costly to repair or replace. Often this equipment requires sophisticated diagnostic tools and skilled technicians to oversee a potential repair. Most homeowners polices typically exclude these types of losses, putting your important investments at risk. Individual warranty plans are available, but are unreasonably costly, confusing, and burdensome to manage. With Equipment Breakdown coverage, both your home and your budget are protected.

Equipment Breakdown coverage protects you against unexpected repair or replacement costs due to a mechanical, electrical, or pressurized systems breakdown. In addition to coverage, loss prevention information and loss adjustment services are customized at a fraction of the cost of limiting Home Warranty products. Best of all, this additional coverage follows the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

For more information about Equipment Breakdown Coverage, contact your independent insurance agent.

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