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Video - Fulfilling the Promise
Fulfilling the Promise
Central employees share how they fulfill the promise for our agents and our policyholders each and every day! Learn more about Central by visiting our website.
Video - Happy Holidays from Central's Customer Service Team!
Happy Holidays from Central's Customer Service Team!
A special holiday greeting from Central's Customer Service Department!
Video -Our People Make the Difference
Our People Make the Difference
Employees of the Central Insurance Companies share their thoughts on their fulfilling careers at Central and the benefits of being a part of the Central family. Learn more about employment opportunities by visiting Central's website.
Video - Team Central: Check Us Out!
Team Central: Check Us Out!
If you've ever wondered what makes a company great, it's the people! At Central, we understand that the people we surround ourselves with are the key to our past and future success. Could you be one of those people? Follow Colby for a quick peek inside Central. Meet the different departments you could be a part of and see what sparks the high level of service we are known for and the way we work together to fulfill the promise.
Video - Thank You for Helping Us Reach 1,000 Likes!
Thank You for Helping Us Reach 1,000 Likes!
A thank you to all those who helped us reach 1,000 likes on our Facebook page! Visit our Facebook page.
Video -The Value of Central
The Value of Central
Central's Officer group shares the value of working with the Central Insurance Companies for your insurance needs, and how we provide security, protection and peace of mind to our customers each and every day. Visit our website to learn more about Central!
(un)Common Sense – E-mail & Internet Security
(un)Common Sense – E-mail & Internet Security
E-mail is an essential part of our everyday work life. Many of us don’t think about the consequences of clicking on a link or attachment in an e-mail that contains a virus, but the ripple effect from that one click can quickly become a tidal wave of trouble! Watch this video to learn more about protecting not only yourself, but your place of employment!
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