Commercial Auto Insurance

Most businesses utilize some form of transportation in their business operations.  Central offers various types of Commercial Auto Insurance for vehicles owned or leased by your business. Automobiles, trucks, vans and other vehicles can all be insured.

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Several factors determine the type and cost of insurance coverage including territory, business use, radius of operations, and size, age and new cost of the vehicle.

Most Commercial Automobile Insurance Policies provide two types of coverages:  property insurance coverage for damage to your vehicle and liability insurance coverage for bodily injury to others and damage to their property. Insurance policies can be expanded to include additional protection for medical payments, uninsured motorists, employees' cars used in the service of the employer, etc.

A special Auto Dealers Insurance Policy is also available for auto, motorcycle, truck or trailer dealerships. In addition to the coverages provided under most Commercial Auto and General Liability Insurance Policies, the Garage Insurance Policy also covers damage to your customers' autos while they are in your care or control.

Check with a Central agent near you for more information on the wide variety of coverages available for Commercial Autos, or for an insurance quote.