Data Compromise and Identity Recovery Insurance

Protect yourself and your business from the devastating effects of security breaches with Data Compromise and Identity Recovery Coverage from Central. This enhancement to our commercial package policy offers both coverages in one convenient package for eligible businesses.

Data Compromise Coverage provides a suite of coverages and services that enable an insured business to respond when personal information in the business' care, custody, or control has been lost, stolen, or inadvertently released, as well as liability coverage for a data compromise suit.

The Response Expenses section of the Data Compromise Coverage is a first party reimbursement coverage for expenses incurred by the insured when acting on a data breach.

The Defense and Liability section provides coverage for defense costs and damages that arise from a suit alleging injury due to a data breach.

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As a Data Compromise policyholder, you'll receive access to a free, online data breach portal. The eRiskHub® is designed to help you better understand your risks and establish a response plan so you can manage the costs and minimize the effects of a data breach should one occur. With a response plan and instant access to information resources you'll be ready to more effeciently and cost-effectively respond to and recover from a data breach.

Identity Recovery Coverage provides case management services, some expense reimbursement, and a helpline for information when an insured’s identity is stolen.

Coverage is triggered by the discovery by the insured of the identity theft. Case Management Services are also provided for up to 12 months to re-establish the integrity of the personal identity of an insured.

Contact your Central agent for more information on Data Compromise and Identity Recovery Coverage, or for a quote.