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Employee Development

Central’s core values include Integrity, Relationships, and Excellence. An important component of Excellence is the commitment to learning and development.

Central firmly believes that one of the best investments a company can make is to actively develop its employees. The insurance industry in constantly evolving, and true success is based on not only meeting the needs of today, but tomorrow as well. The extensive emphasis on the development of employees assures that Central will be fully equipped to meet the exciting challenges the insurance industry provides.

Entry-level training provides a basic knowledge of insurance. This is accomplished through a combination of self-study courses, in-house workshops, and on-the-job training. Experienced personnel are readily available to answer questions and offer insight. Central utilizes an informal training atmosphere, recognizing that not all employees learn at the same pace. This awareness assures the trainee of an on-boarding program that is challenging, flexible, and best suited for the individuals's learning needs.

Central also offers all employees the opportunity to continue their learning after the initial on-boarding. Central's support and encouragement of employees who wish to enroll in a variety of professional insurance training and education programs is an important benefit.

Development Plans
Employees have the opportunity to discuss further development with their manager or supervisor on an annual basis. A written development plan can help employees meet or exceed their performance standards, assist them in becoming familiar with new procedures, provide cross training, prepare them for additional responsibility, and help them maintain their level of professional expertise.

Institute Programs
Central is a strong supporter of the educational opportunities available through The Institutes (formerly the Insurance Institute of America and the American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters). Interested employees can increase their insurance knowledge through self-study or class participation. Employees are allotted one hour of study time per week to prepare for the national exams. Reimbursement of the registration fee is available after the successful completion of an exam. In addition, Central recognizes program completers with an annual luncheon and an honorarium.

In-house company workshops are offered periodically to assist employees with their training and development goals. Central has an extensive library of books, videos, and DVDs to assist employees in a variety of areas.