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The Value of Central

The value of being a Central employee includes more than our compensation and benefits. There are several other factors that demonstrate the Value of Central:

Responsibilities, Standards and Measurements Program
Our Responsibilities, Standards, and Measurements Program answers three important questions for the employee:

  1. What is my job?
  2. What results are expected?
  3. How will my efforts be measured?

With result-oriented responsibilities identified and expected results outlined, managers and supervisors are able to measure performance objectively and compensate employees equitably.

Advancement Policy
Central takes pride in its policy of advancing qualified employees from within its organization to positions of higher responsibility. We have constant need for people who have the ability and desire to assume increased responsibilities. Our job opportunity program informs employees about open positions. The qualifications and duties are listed so employees can compare their skills and experience with those needed for the posted positions.

Performance Evaluation
Our performance appraisal program focuses on how well each employee performs the responsibilities of his or her job, not on personal attributes or characteristics. It provides employees and their supervisors with a formal way to discuss current job performance and mutually-agreed upon goals for improvement. It provides management with an objective way to reward employee achievement.

Salary Administration
The primary objective of Central's salary administration program is to attract, motivate, and retain the most highly-qualified individuals available to staff our company. Starting salaries are determined by specific responsibilities and qualifications, and salary progress is determined by individual performance and growth.