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Looking for the value of extra homeowners insurance protection at a reasonable price? Look no further than Central's Plus Ten Endorsement. For one low price per policy, you get several valuable coverages added to your Central Homeowner's Insurance Policy. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Widespread spring storms knock out the power to your home for two days. As a result, all the food in your refrigerator and freezer spoils. Central’s Plus Ten Endorsement provides you up to $750 in extra coverage for food spoilage when the power fails.
  • While reviewing your credit card statement, you notice charges appearing that you didn’t make. With Central’s Plus Ten Endorsement, you’re covered for up to $1,500 for legal obligations when your credit or debit card is stolen and used without your authorization.
  • Winds knock down several trees in your yard. With Central’s Plus Ten Endorsement, you have extra insurance coverage up to $1,000 to remove the debris.

These are just a few of the ways Plus Ten adds value to your homeowners insurance policy. You’ll also receive coverage for:

  • Other Structures
  • Personal injury liability
  • Damage to property of others
  • Additional living expenses arising from loss of use of your home
  • Stolen keys
  • Home computers
  • Jewelry, watches and furs for loss by theft

Contact your independent Central insurance agent for complete details or for an insurance quote.

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