Developing a Loss Control Program

For any business, an effective Loss Control program is one that helps the insured minimize losses. Any accident, fire, or explosion in a place of business may mean property loss and injury to employees which could add up to thousands of dollars in medical and legal expenses. In addition to these monetary losses, there are also the intangible costs of loss of community prestige, employee morale, and customer goodwill.

You may need assistance with developing and maintaining your own effective Loss Control program. Central's Loss Control Consultants can help design an individualized program for your business. The objective is to assist in minimizing possible accident situations, fires, and explosion hazards.

However, the most important consideration in developing a program is you. An on-site survey by a Loss Control Consultant can educate you on:

  • Unsafe conditions and practices
  • Fire and explosion controls
  • Establishing replacement cost estimates
  • Product liability controls
  • Fleet safety – best practices
  • Motor vehicle report evaluation
  • Driver selection program
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Safety handouts and films
  • Safety talks/training
  • Accident investigation/prevention
  • Machine guards
  • Noise controls
  • Industrial hygiene overview

Film Library

The following link will open a lending library of thousands of safety films available through Central's Loss Control department. Contact your Loss Control consultant for film information.