Taking Storm-Proofing Into Your Own Hands

3 Ways in 3 Days

The most effective way to address storm damage is to prevent it from occurring. Insurance companies encourage you to take steps to protect your home and family. While it is best to hire a licensed contractor to assess your structural needs, here are three simple and effective storm-proofing techniques that can easily be done in a weekend.

  1. Walk around your yard and pick up anything that could become wind-borne debris. Common household items such as BBQ grills, swing sets, outdoor play toys, trash cans, and patio furniture can become dangerous if they are picked up by high powered winds. It is best to store these items indoors during a storm.
  2. Trim the trees around your house. Be sure to remove any dead or dying limbs and branches. Also remove any limbs and branches that touch or hang over the home or building.
  3. Use construction adhesive to "glue" trusses to roof decking. Use a caulking gun to apply a quarter-inch bead of construction adhesive to both sides of all the trusses where they meet the roof decking. To be most effective, adhesive should be applied all the way to the eaves and in the corners of the roof.

There are many other do-it-yourself improvements that are effective in making a home or building wind-resistant. For more information, please visit the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety website at www.DisasterSafety.org.