Teen Driver Safety

For many teens, summer means getting their driver's license, meeting up with friends, driving to a part-time job, and chauffeuring younger siblings. We want to help you keep your teen safe on the road. Share these tips with your teen driver to establish safer, smarter driving behavior:

  • Hold the phone – refrain from texting or using the phone while driving. Talk with your teen about the dangers of distracted driving.
    • They're four times more likely to get into a serious crash when using a handheld device while driving.
    • One-third of teens say they frequently text message while driving.
    For more information on distracted driving visit www.distraction.gov.
  • Buckle Up – when teens are driving, they need to fasten their seat belt and be sure all passengers do too.
  • Slow Down – speeding can bring a rush of excitement, but the results can be serious.
  • Don't take too many passengers – studies have shown that teens become more reckless behind the wheel when they are in a larger group.
  • Never drive impaired – besides the influence of alcohol or drugs, the lack of sleep could affect a teen's driving ability.
  • Know the rules – You can check with your state's Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program, which outlines the restrictions on new drivers for a probationary period. Visit: www.drivers.com/article/639

Another way to help your teen drive safely is to enroll them in the teenSMART® Driver Safety Program. Introduced in 1999, teenSMART is the first driver safety program to identify and address the six behavioral and social factors that cause more than 90 percent of all teen collisions.

teenSMART uses realistic driving simulations proven to improve driving skills, attitudes and behaviors. In repeated trials, teens who complete teenSMART have up to 30 percent fewer collisions one year after training than teens who didn't take teenSMART.

Today, teenSMART remains the most proven and effective driver crash reduction program ever developed and it's endorsed by more insurance agencies than any other program. Statistics show that teenSMART drivers are safer, more skilled, incur fewer accidents and injuries, and file fewer insurance claims.

Discounts on your auto insurance premium if your teen driver enrolls in and completes the teenSMART program may be available. Contact your independent insurance agent for more information.