Identity Fraud Protection

Over 12.6 million people are victims of identity theft each year. The cost of recovering a stolen identity can reach thousands of dollars, but victims report that the time and emotional toll identity theft and recovery take are the greatest losses.

Central's Identity Fraud Protection endorsement offers protection for the devastating effects of identity theft expenses, as well as identity management and recovery services. Central has partnered with Cyberscout®, one of the nation's top providers of identity management solutions, to offer the following services:

  • Identity Management:
    • Personalized, proactive identity management for every stage of life.
  • Identity Travel Assistance:
    • Worldwide, toll-free direct access to Cyberscout's fraud specialists should identification documents become lost or stolen while traveling.
  • Unlimited identity theft resolution services:
    • Fraud specialists provide unlimited assistance to restore a victim's identity
  • Expense Reimbursement:
    • Lost wages as a result of time away from work
    • Credit bureau reports
    • Fees for reapplying for loans declined due to falsified credit information
    • Postage, phone and shipping fees
    • Certain legal fees caused by identity theft
    • Notary and filing fees

To learn more about the protection of Identity Fraud Protection, or for an insurance quote, contact your independent insurance agent.

Security Breaches and Credit Freezes

As a result of the Equifax data security breach that has affected nearly 150 million people, some consumers are placing credit freezes on file with credit agencies in order to minimize the risk of identity theft. When a person places a freeze on his or her credit file, the credit agency is prohibited from releasing the file in most instances.

Fortunately, the exception to this prohibition is the underwriting and rating of insurance. Because insurance score orders are not considered “hard” credit inquiries, Central is able to obtain scores even in instances where a credit freeze has been placed. This means it will not be necessary to lift a credit freeze in order for us to rate a policy or provide a quote.*

*In Connecticut and New York, freezes are not automatically lifted, and we are unable to obtain an insurance score if a credit freeze is in place.

Learn more about identity theft and how to protect yourself on our Knowledge Center.

The policy coverages described above are in the most general terms and are subject to the actual policy exclusions and conditions. For specific coverage details and policy exclusions, refer to the policy itself or contact a Central Agent.