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Central's Personal Auto Policy

Central offers a wide variety of auto insurance coverages to fit your personal needs. Central's Personal Auto Policy provides good protection at an affordable price. Liability, medical payments, uninsured motorists, other than collision and collision coverages are available to protect you and your family in the event of an automobile accident. Combine these insurance coverages with Central's industry-leading claims and policy service and you receive exceptional value for your insurance dollar.

Central Signature Auto Policy

The Central Signature Auto Policy is our premier auto policy, offering Central’s best auto protection. The policy provides many distinct coverages including:

  • Towing
  • Transportation expenses
  • Worldwide rental car coverage
  • Lease and loan gap coverage
  • Original equipment parts
  • Short–term replacement cost loss settlement

The Signature Auto Policy is built from the ground up to provide superior protection for your automotive assets, offering the industry–leading coverage, value, and service you deserve.

The Central Signature Auto Policy as described above varies in Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

Central Mutual Summit Auto Policy

The Central Mutual Summit Auto Policy* offers superior auto insurance protection at an outstanding price. What if...

  • You've just taken delivery of your brand new car from the manufacturer when you're involved in a covered collision loss with another vehicle. Because you've owned the car less than a year, we'll pay the lesser of the cost to repair or replace your damaged car with a new car through Summit's Repair and Replacement coverage.
  • Your car's windshield is damaged beyond repair by flying debris? With the Central Mutual Summit Auto Policy supplementing the vehicle's other than collision coverage, we'll pay the cost of replacing your windshield—and no deductible applies.
  • You're driving a rental car on a rainy highway and you swerve to miss an animal, causing you to run off the road and collide with a safety barrier? The rental car company requires you to pay while the car is repaired and out of service. Because you have Summit coverage, we’ll pay up to $1,000 to the rental car company for loss of use.

But that's not all, you also receive these benefits with a Central Mutual Summit Auto Policy:

  • Auto loan/lease gap coverage
  • Parked auto collision coverage
  • Lockout coverage
  • Transportation expenses coverage
  • Doubled medical payments coverage
  • Fire, police, rescue squad and ambulance service charge coverage
  • Excess electronic equipment coverage
  • Personal effects coverage
  • Towing and labor coverage
  • Air bag replacement coverage
  • Waiver of deductible on certain other than collision and collision losses
  • Automobile death benefit
  • Pet injury coverage
  • Child safety seat coverage

The Central Mutual Summit Auto Policy as described above varies in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.

Central's Auto Plus Endorsement

Looking for extra insurance protection at a reasonable price? Look no further than Central's Auto Plus Endorsement. For one low price per policy, you get several valuable insurance coverages added to your Central Personal Auto Policy. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Your serpentine or alternator belt breaks while traveling on the highway. Auto Plus' Towing & Labor coverage provides you with up to $100 to have the vehicle towed to a repair facility.
  • While shopping at the mall, your legally-parked, unattended vehicle is damaged by a hit-and-run driver. With Auto Plus Coverage, your collision deductible is automatically waived.
  • You are injured in an auto accident while wearing your seatbelt. If your policy's basic Medical Payments coverage provides up to $5,000 to pay for treatment at the hospital, and you have added Auto Plus to your policy, your Medical Payments limit is automatically doubled to $10,000.

Auto Plus is not available in Kentucky, or Texas, and the actual coverages available vary in Michigan, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Roadside Assistance

Every Central personal auto policy includes Roadside Assistance—no sign-up required. Our Roadside Assistance program provides 24/7 access to a comprehensive network of vetted and insured roadside assistance and towing service providers anytime your vehicle is disabled.

Agreed Value Coverage

Add Agreed Value Coverage to your policy and we'll pay the full amount listed in your policy declarations in the event of a total loss!

View our Discounts and Credits page, for a listing of our money-saving options.

For more information about these or any of our other quality, affordable coverages, or for an insurance quote, please contact your independent Central insurance agent.

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The policy coverages described above are in the most general terms and are subject to the actual policy exclusions and conditions. For specific coverage details and policy exclusions, refer to the policy itself or contact a Central Agent.